Ego Twist Features

Variable voltage, Internal Buck booster , 510 Threading for All the hottest attachments just to name a few!


The Ego-c twist is very customizable , it uses the now industry standard 510/ego threading allowing for the hottest add on's and attachments like the Protank 3, kanger aerotanks, Glass globes and more!

Adjustable Power

No more burning out your coils or failing to deliver enough power with higher wattage atomizers , with the ego-c twist the variable voltage function allows you to dial in your desired voltage setting depending on your material or the atomizer being used. Dial in that sweet spot for the perfect vape on every setup!

Battery life

The Ego twist battery sports the latest in variable voltage technology boasting the all new buck booster allowing you to choose from a voltage range between 3.2V to 4.8V simply by dialing the rotary switch on the bottom of the battery unit!

The Ego-C Twist

Welcome To your ONLY Official Source for the Ego twists series vaporizer sets. The Ego-c Twist masters the very latest in portable vaporizer technology. Our most popular Edition the 1100mah eGo-C Twists are the lastest cutting edge edition in compact PV technology. These Units have an all new internal BUCK booster system which allows you to choose from a voltage range between 3.2 volts to 4.8 volts by dialing the rotary switch on the bottom of the battery unit. This innovation is a HUGE improvement over previous Variable Voltage ego style batteries because of the buck booster system which delivers a true voltage boost allowing you to find your "sweet spot" no matter what kind of atomizer or cartomizer CE4 tank, RDA , RBA attachment that you choose to use on on your battery. This battery has the industry standard 510 / Ego threading. The ego twist also Features many security functions preventing damage or failure like short protection, the battery will not fire if a short is dectected therefore preventing further damage to your unit. A 5 button click on/off Atomizer Protection preventing your atomizer coils from being burnt out due to over voltage. And a 10 second auto shutoff if you leave it in your pocket! The Ego-c Twist is by far One of our highest rated kits under $25 dollars, Be sure to check out our Collection!

Is the Ego Twist for you?

If your looking for a Premium Variable voltage Starter vaporizer setup that can handle anything you throw at it than look no further than the Ego-C Twist set. With the Ego twists unique features , Affordability, versatility , power , and voltage settings you simply cant go wrong. With todays vaporizer & Ecig market being flooded with tons of options it can be hard to decide the right setup for you, The Ego-c Twist was created to be an affordable starter option with Starter sets starting at only $23.99 as well as a solid top of the line variable voltage stand alone battery option that will power the even the most voltage thirsty multi coil atomizers on the market. The Ego Twist variable voltage vaporizer offers twice the features of the competition at only about Half the cost making it Affordable without having to sacrificing any performance. We offer full customer support on the Ego-c Twist should in the future you need replacement parts, Chargers, Ce4 cartridges, Atomizers, how to's or simply advice on how to use your Ego twist, weve got you covered! Make sure to purchase your Ego twist & Parts from our Verified Ego dealer only to insure you recieve Authentic sets and or replacements. If your in the market for a top notch Premium variable voltage solution that wont break the bank than the Ego-c Twist is exactly what youve been looking for!

Tips: If you use multiple atomizer setups with your ego twist such as dry herb atomizers like the m3 as well as E-juice atomizers like the Protank 3 , Try changing the voltage dial to find the sweet spot and prevent burning out your coils, on average dry herb setups function better on slightly higher voltages than Liquid setups. Check out our wide selection available At Pier420 where you can find the latest in Vaporizers , Mods , & everything 420!!

Some Prices of our Top Ego Sets

Ego-c Replacement Battery


Battery Unit Only

  • Multiple Color Options
  • Variable Voltage
  • Uses 510 Threading ( wide variety of attachments )

Ego-c Twist Starter Kit


Complete Kit

  • Multi Color Options
  • 1100mah Variable voltage
  • Kit Extras include Charger + Ce4 Tank

The Ego Twist offers the very best in the world of Variable voltage vaporizers melding reliability, portability, functionality and Performance. If your in need for a Premium variable voltage setup that wont break the bank than the ego twist is for you!

Of course , the Ego twist sports many safety features like short circuit prevention and automatic cuttoff features when the battery is being engauged for too long , preventing both damage and battery failure. For more usage tips be sure to check your Ego Twist manual and practice safe usage like proper storing and cleaning.

Great Question! The main difference between a normal battery and variable voltage is simply a mechanism to allow the voltage to be Raised or lowered depending on user preference. Many vapor users prefer this because depending on the material being vaporized and or the atomizer being used you can burn out your coils quickly by using to much voltage or you may not be using enough power delaying & hampering the vapor production.

The Ego-C Twists like most modern ecigarettes allows for self filling of prefered ejuices , there are tons of flavors out there and they're all compatible with the Ego-C Twists, Find your favorite flavor mix today at Slims Ejuice!

The Ego-c Twist uses the most popular threading embraced by the industry the 510 thread. There is a wide variety of 510 threaded attachments available for the Ago G5 from many popular 3rd parts ranging from Tanks , Ce4/Ce5 attachments , dry herb chambers and more , changing attachments is a breeze simply twist , remove current attachment and twist back on the desired new attachment, thats it , its that easy!

Slim's Ejuice is the Top Premier Network for The latest Vaporizer & Mod technology. They offer free shipping & top notch customer support for Every order & have been rated the #1 vaporizer supply company in the industry. Currently they are our only Authorized dealer of the Ego-c twist, To insure you recieve a quality set as well as proper customer support make sure to purchase from Authorized dealers only.

Most all orders placed will ship next day with tracking confirmation # included, often orders ship same day if placed before 3pm Est.

We recomend the Ego twist variable voltage set for overall best value, Once you find the best voltage settings for your various attachments and addons you will find it to be not only a more pleasurable experience but also cost efficient , saving you hundreds of dollors in saved coils!

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